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Achieved Milestones


Milestone Achieved


  • Participated in the draft making of bamboo flooring standards
  • ISO 90001 quality standards were strictly implemented
  • CITIC Bank Building in Zhejiang province and Tobu Department Store in Japan projects were completed


  • Projects for German Mercedes-Benz and Philips headquarters were completed
  • Developed and manufactured a new product named as Strand Woven Bamboo


  • Kept developing new products like bamboo furniture panels and bamboo decorative material
  • Obtained patents in US and China for our two-layer heated bamboo flooring


  • Began working closely with many institutes for developing fire resistant bamboo material
  • British Airlines Shenzehn Furniture College and Lounge of Italian price in Netherlands were some important projects that were completed


  • Built a joint venture for bamboo sliced veneer


  •  Setup base for bamboo raw material over 2700 hectares of area


  • Successfully developed bamboo fire resistant material and completed project in Europe using these products with the highest rating of M1 fire detection


  • Our alliance with Cambridge University supported us to bring forth material used in the making of wind turbine blade


  • Attended Shanghai DOMOTEXT


  • Completed our R&D for bamboo decking by associating with Nanjing Forestry University
  • Contributed to Wenchuan Earthquake Donation


  • Honoured with famous trademark of China
  • Participated in US-China Economic Summit Forum
  • Began industrialization with Ecosolid


  • Attended Alxa Annual Meeting
  • With Vanke, we signed a green strategy


  • Attended another Alxa Annual Meeting
  • Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Langshi and Greentown for indoor and outdoor flooring
  • Drafted National standard for our popular product Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo
  • Ecosolid, our new product, was introduced worldwide
  • Developed bamboo acoustic material


  • Exhibit in DOMOTEX, Asia
  • Shandong Grand Theatre project was a huge success


  •  Our alliance with IKEA lead to the establishment of IKEA global bamboo R&D centre


  • Attended UN climate conference held in Peru
  • Successfully hosted First Bamboo Architecture of the world
  • Our founder, Larry Lin was awarded with Lifelong Honorary of China National Forest Products Industry Association


  • Honoured with two National Awards for our technical inventions
  • Founder of IKEA visited our company
  • Participation was made in Shanghai DOMOTEX and IBS


  • Attend and exhibit in IBS, Las Vegas
  • Attend and exhibit in DOMOTEX, Shanghai
  • Exhibit in The BIG 5 International Building and Construction Show, Dubai
  • Built another manufacturing facility Zhejiang Xinhaiye Bamboo Technology Co. Ltd.


  • 2017 Exhibit in IBS, Orlando
  • Attended and exhibited in Auckland Build
  • Our Philippines and USA based distributors visited our company
  • A two-year training on comprehensive management was conducted in association with Zhejiang Quantum University


  • The operations of our another manufacturing facility, Jiangxi Zhushang Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd. began
  • dassoXTR gained strong foothold in the Australian markets after passing Australian fire test
  • Conference for domestic distributors of China was held
  • Attend and exhibit ECOBUILD
  • Exhibit in IBS, Orlando


  • Setup manufacturing facilities under the names Zhejiang Daocheng Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd. and Fujian Dazhuang Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Exhibit Hanover Domotex, Germany
  • Exhibit IBS, Las Vegas


We feel proud in contributing our hand for preparing drafts of several National and International standards for our offerings. For the same reason, we have build cordial relations with many International and domestic tertiary entities, reputed corporate names and scientific research institutes. University of Helsinki, Zhejiang A&F University, Chinese Academy of Forestry, University of Cambridge and Nanjing Forestry University, for instance. A series of R&D operations are performed for bringing into limelight Bamboo Panel, Industrial Flooring and other bamboo products complying with INBAR standards. Currently, we own:

  • 65 authorized patents
  • 13 International patents
  • 67 National and International patents
  • 24 Innovative patents

Our brand, dassoXTR has approval of the patents in Malaysia, Australia, China, USA, Singapore, Europe and Russia. Moreover, the quality of products offered under dassoXTR are carefully evaluated for International level standards.


Through these, we aim to render the world eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo products. We feel responsible to our society, therefore, we contribute to the better of our planet by bringing forth sustainable products.

Branches and Locations

With 28 years of history in this business line, we have gained immense knowledge and experience to manage our 8 manufacturing facilities and 1000 proficient people. Besides, we have sustainable bamboo forest in China that sprawls over 2700 acres of area.

  • Hangzhou Dasuo Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Xinhaiye Bamboo Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Jiangxi Zhushang Bamboo Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Hangzhou Zhuangyi Funiture Co. Ltd.
  • Zhuangyi Furniture, Zhudong Branch
  • Shunchang Zhujia Bamboo Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Fujian Dasso Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Zhujia Gallery
  • Zhejiang Daocheng Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd.


Thanks to our focus on innovation, we have been able to come up with fireproof bamboo material that meet the highest fire-retardant standards-M1 in Europe. The Madrid International Airport project where we built 2,300,000 square feet fire resistant bamboo ceiling is the largest application of this product that we have done so far.

Our bamboo panels were also installed in a theater of 1000 seats for preventing echo and reflecting low frequency. For this reason, the texture, color and style of our offered bamboo is always appreciated than conventional wood.

We all are aware of the fact that untreated natural bamboo cannot be used for outdoor applications. However, with our patented heat treatment technology, our brand dassoXTR renders stable, fire-retardant, anti-corrosive and anti-fungus products to be easily used for outdoor applications.


And this has led us to earn a social status.

  • International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
  • Vice-governing units of China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Committee Vice-governing units Bamboo of China Forest Products Industry ion Professional Commit American Flooring Association
  • Vice-president Unit of Zhejiang Bamboo Industry Association
  • Branch Chairman Unit of Zhejiang Bamboo flooring Industry Association
  • Vice-president Unit of Zhejiang Xiaoshan Association of Agricultural Products


Protect Forest Resource

Excessive and blind consumption of forest resources leads to disappearing forests of football field size every couple of seconds. Thus, leading to shortage of wooden raw material. Realizing this, protect forest resource has become of the major global concerns now. And we, at our company, have come up with a great solution for this problem. Our aim is to use bamboo instead of wood as bamboo reproduces quickly and emits quite less carbon in comparison to wood. As a result of which, we are contributing in making our environment a better place for our future generations.

With our R&D, we keep coming up with newer and better ways of using bamboo such as via Bamboo Panels, Bamboo Veneer, etc., while enhancing their value. Apart from this, we focus on rendering amazing value-added services to our customers. By doing so, we are looked upon as a leader in the Chinese bamboo industry.

Social Responsibility

We have set up many public welfare associations like Dasso Charity Foundation, Gesand Flower Student Grant, Pengzhou Recovery Center and Children Foundation of China Sichuan Shifang Project.


In the year 2009, Copenhagen meeting was held, where we introduced the first ever wind turbine blade. It was brought into limelight by our Prime Minister, Wen. Through this, it became clear to the world that China always tries to enhance the environment of our planet and the businesses of our country like Dasso Group show this through their work.

Environment Protection

For encouraging the society to minimize the automobile emission, enhance the sustainable development and protect the forest resources, we have made alliance with SEE. We also attend UN climate conference every year and also upgrade our facilities to come up with the Bamboo Veneer, Bamboo Panels and other bamboo products of unmatched sustainability and quality.

Proponent of Green Material

We organized the first ever Bamboo Architecture of the world. And in the Bamboo Life Summit Forum 2014, we brought into limelight, 600 plus architects, designers and other industrial experts at Wuxi Grand Theater.

People Oriented

Our company has always put its people first. As a consequence, we have never failed in achieving excellence and creating better development opportunities for our proficient people. By making contributions to cultural, economic and social development, we have been setting benchmarks in the bamboo industry. Our young and dynamic minds always come up with new ideas to manufacture Bamboo Panels and other bamboo products of nonpareil quality. for which we always excel in our profession.


We have executed many projects with utmost perfection across the world. Some of those are tabulated below:

  • Wenzhou Huizhong School, Zhejiang Province
  • Qiandao Lake Pearl Plaza, China
  • Gaga Chef, China
  • New Metropolis, China
  • Aranya, Sanya, China
  • Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, China
  • Seoho Park, Korea

  • Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain
  • Wuxi Grand Theater, China
  • Atlanta Valeey Hall Deck and Stairs, GA
  • Harleston Row Residence, South Carolina, USA
  • Merino Crescent, Singapore
  • Amata Garden Resort Bagan, Myanmar
  • Olmos Park, USA, and many more.

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